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Serving you (Prussia x Servant!Reader) part 19 :iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 2 2
Serving you (Prussia x Reader) part 18
Part 18
When you returned to the part of the camp where Ludwig had left you to talk to your fellow soldiers, it was already quite late in the evening. The sun had gone down only a few minutes ago and the evening sky coloured a bright red, streaked with purple and threatened by the approaching dark. The silence in the camp made you feel a bit uncomfortable – you could even call it ‘unheimlich’. This place was bursting with life only a few hours ago and now there was not a living soul to be seen. Was it past curfew already? Were you even allowed to be out at this hour? You weren’t sure. If only you knew where Ludwig was hanging out…he would be able to tell you.
You scratched the back of your head and sighed. The boy probably forgot that he didn’t tell you where you were staying. That was troublesome. Because really…what were you supposed to do now? You couldn’t sleep outside, could you?
You walked ahead, hoping that you would somehow bump i
:iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 19 11
Beauty of the Mosel by Moonwolflove Beauty of the Mosel :iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 3 0 Burg Eltz - wie in einem Marchen by Moonwolflove Burg Eltz - wie in einem Marchen :iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 4 2 Let's draw a birthday cake against a summer sunset by Moonwolflove Let's draw a birthday cake against a summer sunset :iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 5 0
Serving you (Prussia x Reader) part 17
Part 17
The camp was enormous. At least, that was the impression you got after walking around for half an hour. You weren’t able to tell how many square metres it covered, but it surely covered a lot of them. There were white tents everywhere, lined up neatly in never-ending rows and separated by small roads that burst with people running from one place to another.
“Quite a busy place, isn’t it?” It was an utterly useless question…and you didn’t really expected an answer, but Ludwig gave you one nonetheless.
“Brilliant observation,” he said with a grin in your direction. “You worked that out by yourself?”
“Don’t mock me, young man,” you said while sending him a grin of your own.
“It’s sarcasm…the only form of joking I’m capable of. As a man you ought to master it.”
“Oh, really? Well then, you’ll be happy to hear that there is no need for me to do so, since I already m
:iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 14 13
The beauty of Grinda by Moonwolflove The beauty of Grinda :iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 3 1 Clouds over Stockholm by Moonwolflove Clouds over Stockholm :iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 7 0
Serving you (Prussia x Reader) part 16
Part 16
The journey to the battlefields was a rough one. You and Ludwig  travelled aboard a carriage that carried goods and stock for the camp you were heading to. It was a most basic ride, which means that you weren’t nearly as comfortable as you wanted to be. The space in the carriage was cramped and the two of you had to make do with a spot in between the several stacked crates. With every pit in the road you became more sure of the fact that you wouldn’t leave the carriage without a serious head-injury. Hadn’t that crate moved a bit?
You stared at it and hoped it hadn’t.
“What are you doing?” Ludwig asked. His eyes were closed; his arms folded over his chest as he rested against the lower crate.
“Looking whether that crate will tumble over…so that I can warn you in time.”
A small grin appeared on the left corner of his mouth.
“Always the caring one,” he said. “Or you’re just bored to death. That
:iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 15 16
This is Gallifrey, our childhood, our home.
The second sun would rise in the south and the mountains would shine. The leaves on the trees were silver, and when they caught the light every morning, it looked like a forest on fire. When the autumn came, the breeze would blow through the branches like a song...
-The doctor
An enchanting song danced through the air, slow and soft, but audible to every living creature that crossed its path. When the strange sound filled his ears, he opened his eyes. They were brown, but the burning orange light colored them gold…their true color.
The doctor reached out his hand to a patch of grass, slowly as if he would create a crack in time by doing it faster. His fingers closed around it, and he felt the grass rubbing against his palm. It was real…real and red.
In no time he stood up. What he saw, exceeded everything he was. His breath caught in his throat and he hit himself in the face, just to make sure that what he beheld was reality.
It had to be, right? It could be nothing but rea
:iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 9 9
Serving you (Prussia x Reader) part 15
Part 15
The day had come.
After months of waiting and days of lying, of living in pure agony of what was yet to come, the moment had finally come for you to prepare for the army.
It felt strange…really strange…almost irrational…for you didn’t really know what you were supposed to feel like. You did feel relieved that things were going to end soon…that you wouldn’t have to lie anymore. That had proven far harder than you had thought. Every time you had looked Gilbert in the eyes, you had felt like telling him about what you were going to do. And every time again, a soft voice in the back of your head had kept you from doing so. The voice had gotten tired though…it had felt as if every lie had been smothering it further and further. It has been awaiting the end ever since.
You were awaiting faith to meet you and take you away.
You felt tired and yet there also was this part of you…this fire deep inside of your heart that didn’t want t
:iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 28 17
Serving you (Prussia x Reader) part 14
Part 14
You knocked and waited patiently. Footsteps sounded at the other side of the door and only seconds later it opened with a creaking noise. Ludwig appeared in the doorframe, his eyes sleepy and his hair completely messed up.
“Ludwig, I’m sorry to bother you so late, but…I need your help.”
He looked up, his eyes turning serious. He moved out of the way and beckoned you to come in.
You walked into his room and sat down at a little round table that stood in the corner.
“You don’t look too well,” he said as he sat down on a chair opposite of yours. He leaned over the table and put a hand on your forehead. “Are you having a fever?”
“I might have one…I don’t know,” you brought out with an exhausted sign. Actually you were quite sure you were having one. Your body was burning up and you felt as if you could pass out every second.
Ludwig withdrew his hand and narrowed his eyes.
“You should be in bed. I
:iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 36 34
Auschwitz- Red tears of sorrow by Moonwolflove Auschwitz- Red tears of sorrow :iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 5 2 Me thanking all of you for everything! by Moonwolflove Me thanking all of you for everything! :iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 2 16
Serving you (Prussia x Reader) part 13
Part 13
You felt miserable…absolutely and utterly miserable.
You had felt that way ever since the day Gilbert had told you about the war…now almost a week ago. You hadn’t seen much of him since then. He had busied himself with administration and commands of higher up, locking himself in his office. You thought it was a not-so-subtle way to let you grow accustomed to him not being there all time of the day.
Gott…if this was how you were going to feel during his absence then you were sure heading towards a period of great depression.
You had been walking –no roaming- through the halls all afternoon, considering whether you would go and disturb him or not…
“Ciao, bella!” a voice said out of nowhere, bringing your thoughts back to reality.
You turned around and looked into one of the guest bedrooms…the one where Feli was residing. He sat on his bed and waved at you.
“Hi, Feli,” you said while lifting your hand a bit to answe
:iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 26 12
Pistyll rhaeadr by Moonwolflove Pistyll rhaeadr :iconmoonwolflove:Moonwolflove 10 6


Yosemite Falls I by FinelliFotography Yosemite Falls I :iconfinellifotography:FinelliFotography 96 16 In The Ferns by Alannah-Hawker In The Ferns :iconalannah-hawker:Alannah-Hawker 160 29 Abiqua Afternoon by LAlight Abiqua Afternoon :iconlalight:LAlight 121 20 Hatsune Miku by chinchongcha Hatsune Miku :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 1,019 290 Misty Forest by Pajunen Misty Forest :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,777 218 HE'S BACK by Atlantihero-Kyoxei HE'S BACK :iconatlantihero-kyoxei:Atlantihero-Kyoxei 20 5 Elsa-5 by JoeyJulian Elsa-5 :iconjoeyjulian:JoeyJulian 496 55 A dream within a dream by Pajunen A dream within a dream :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,642 241 Blue Moment by Pajunen Blue Moment :iconpajunen:Pajunen 810 106 Shibuya bw by Pajunen Shibuya bw :iconpajunen:Pajunen 639 78 Snowy Park by Pajunen Snowy Park :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,091 176 Interstellar by Pajunen Interstellar :iconpajunen:Pajunen 710 129 .MISSING YOU. by evol1314 .MISSING YOU. :iconevol1314:evol1314 88,205 9,477 Wintergestruepp by feigenfrucht Wintergestruepp :iconfeigenfrucht:feigenfrucht 41 5 Snowman by MarioChavez Snowman :iconmariochavez:MarioChavez 197 13 Snowy River by Pajunen Snowy River :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,018 153



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Hi there!

I know that it has been a long time and that I have not updated 'Serving you' for what seems to be an eternity...but don't worry...finals have come to and end and vacation has finally arrived.
There is one little thing though...Since I'm leaving for Stockholm tomorrow, I will not be able to write for at least another week. After that, however, I'll get to work (because then, I'll have two weeks in which I haven't planned anything) and finish the next chapter of 'Serving you'. I do hope that you guys still want to read it :p

Also, thank you for the continuing support and for all the favs, comments and watches I have received throughout my absence here :) Love you guys!
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Thanks for considering it worthy of a fave Moonwolflove     Animation4 Thank you for faving  
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I went on holiday in Wales once...definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I wish I could live there :p
You're most welcome :)
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