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Part 16

The journey to the battlefields was a rough one. You and Ludwig  travelled aboard a carriage that carried goods and stock for the camp you were heading to. It was a most basic ride, which means that you weren’t nearly as comfortable as you wanted to be. The space in the carriage was cramped and the two of you had to make do with a spot in between the several stacked crates. With every pit in the road you became more sure of the fact that you wouldn’t leave the carriage without a serious head-injury. Hadn’t that crate moved a bit?

You stared at it and hoped it hadn’t.

“What are you doing?” Ludwig asked. His eyes were closed; his arms folded over his chest as he rested against the lower crate.

“Looking whether that crate will tumble over…so that I can warn you in time.”

A small grin appeared on the left corner of his mouth.

“Always the caring one,” he said. “Or you’re just bored to death. That’s possible too.”
“Yeah…as much as I care about your well-being…I can’t deny that isn’t true,” you mumbled as you sunk against your own crate, stretching your legs. They hurt from having to sit in the same position all the time.

“Take solace in being bored,_________. There will be a time soon enough that you won’t be able to enjoy the silence in your head.”

You knew what he meant. He meant the moment where you would be running around the battlefield, following the path that destiny had laid out for you; searching for the move that would bring your end. You closed your eyes. You weren’t sure whether you wanted the silence that took a hold of your mind. It made room for thought. And thought ultimately led to doubt and fear.

You looked at Ludwig, who had sunken away in a state that had put him on the edge of sleep and being awake.

“How do you remain so calm? You’re going to war. The hell of humanity and you’re as serene as ever. Doesn’t it bother you?”

You were curious at how he found solace in being quiet and in being alone with your thoughts. With you it only brought bad things. If only you could have this peace of mind.
Ludwig opened his eyes; the blue reflected dimly in the shallow light. “Being calm has a lot of advantages, but fear and hesitation won’t bring you anywhere. They will only hold you back from your purpose.”

He sighed. “But I can’t say I never feel scared or nervous. I don’t have to tell you about those occasions, you’ve seen enough of them.”

“You’re scared of losing people…but you’re not scared for yourself,” you said, while pulling your knees up and folding your arms around them.

“I’m not.”

“Why not.”

“I used to be…for quite some time,” he said, while looking at the light that formed a thin line on one of the crates. “But then one day…it kind of hit me. I realized that I can’t do anything about my destiny. If I’m not destined to become a country then so be it. In the short period that is my life I have seen quite a few remarkable things. And I have met remarkable people…countries and humans alike.” He turned his eyes back towards you and smiled.

“I guess you’re my inspiration.”

“Me?” You were a little shocked at that. “Why?”

“You’re a go-getter. You don’t give up easily; when faith meets you halfway the path, you do not fear to face it. I think it’s an admirable treat. It makes me think of my brother. He’s a persistent one as well.”

“I’m not such a go-getter like you think I am, Luddy,” you said. “Sometimes I really hesitate about things…about what to do next in such situations.”

“You’ll get out of it in the end. But being calm might help you get there sooner.”

You looked at him and smiled. “One day, you’ll be an awesome country.”

“So you told me once. I’m on the verge of believing it.”

“You’d better start believing it,” you said with a laugh.

He laughed with you. After a few seconds the laughter faded away and the trampling of hoofs became the dominant noise once more.

“How far till Langensalza?” you then asked.

“Still a few hours, I guess,” Ludwig mumbled. “We should be halfway down the route by now.”

Langensalza, the place where the battlefield was situated, lay in the heart of Germany, near the cities of Weimar, Gotha and Jena. The latter had played a significant role in the romantic period. You remembered your father had mentioned the city once, when he had read some stories of a famous writers to you.

What a contrast there was between culture and the bestiality of war.

“How am I to stay out of Gilbert’s sight?”

“I told him that I’m not joining him in the officer quarters. We’ll be near the battlefield. That way, you can stay with me…out of his sight.”

“He didn’t think of it as strange?”

“No…he actually kind of encouraged it.”

That actually surprised you. Gilbert had always been very protective of Ludwig. Allowing him to reside on the battlefields…alone…what had gotten into him? You sighed and then reminded yourself of the fact that they were countries. There wasn’t much that could hurt them…well…not physically. Wasn’t it normal for a future country to get some close-up experience with war? Since it was something they would be often confronted with?

“Have you ever been to war…to the battlefields?” you then asked Ludwig.

“You forget the German-Danish war,” he said while folding his arms over his chest. “Has to be the most recent war…well…before this one happened.”

“I don’t like the idea of you running around alone…on a battlefield.”

“You’re underestimating me,________,” he said with a small smile. “I can hold myself quite well. You’d be surprised.”

“I bet I would,” you said, but there was no sarcastic undertone in your voice. You really were convinced of the fact that Ludwig kept a few secrets as to what he was capable of.

He was a smart boy.

Ludwig climbed to his feet and opened one of the crates. You looked at him as he pulled out a small bullet.

“See this? This is pure lead.” He threw it to you and said: “Try to bend it.”

“I can’t.” You said, after which you threw the thing back to him.

“I can.” He closed his hand around the bullet. When he opened it again, the thing had turned into dust.

You stared at his hand, then back at him. “That’s…impressive.” You knew they were stronger than the average human, but you didn’t really know as to how far their strength reached. Was there even a limit to it?

“I’ve been testing myself for the last few years. I’ve noticed that my physical strength is growing…which is a good thing. It means that the belief in a German state is growing.”

He went to sit down again and said: “Belief me when I say that I can handle the battlefields. You don’t have to worry about me. You’d better worry about yourself.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“I certainly hope you will.”

“I’ll stay close so that you can keep an eye on me.” You said with a wink, but beside that, you didn’t further elaborate on the subject. Your safety wasn’t something you wanted to talk about.

“I would do everything to keep you from the harm you’re going to inflict upon yourself. But then I would disturb whatever it is you are planning. I assume that whatever it is you’re going to do is completely of your own choice.”

“You’re assuming that I’ll harm myself deliberately.”

“Why else would you want to go to the battlefields? If you don’t have to, then why seek out danger?”

You shook your head but didn’t answer it. He already knew what you were going to do…well…more or less…there was nothing more for you to say. Telling him the very reason as to why you were going to sacrifice yourself was only to cause him hurt.

Ludwig didn’t press the subject and went silent. He sunk into a trance-like state, only to ‘wake up’ from it when the carriage stopped half an hour later.

He climbed to his feet, walked to the end of the carriage and moved away the shabby curtain.

“Looks like we have arrived.”

He jumped out. You felt a little wave of panic when you lost sight of him and immediately went after him. The light hit you straight in the face and blinded you for a few seconds. After that, your environment began to seep in.

The sound of rattling and horse hoofs mixed with shouts and voices of hundreds of men, running around from one place to another. Men with beards, without beards, in uniform, without uniform, tall, less- tall, skinny, not so skinny,…All of them were readying themselves for the upcoming battle; to die or live for the fatherland, for Prussia and for the country that would soon be...Germany.

Did they know? Did they know that the reasons for this fight were alive and kicking and moving among them? You watched how Ludwig stopped one of the men and asked him something in an inaudible voice.

They obviously didn’t, for the man looked quite surprised to see the boy.

“They don’t know or do they?”

Ludwig immediately caught on to what you said and answered: “No…of course they don’t. Remember the oath-thing? Can’t possibly tell a whole army of our existence.”

“Don’t they think it strange for you to be here?”

“Nah, they know I’m related to Gilbert. That’s all they need to know.”

You shot him a look; a look that meant as much as ‘I don’t understand’.

“Gilbert and the highest officers kind of made it a rule not to question my presence. And as loyal soldiers…they do what is expected of them. They do wonder, of course. It’s present in their faces whenever I ask them something.”

“Yeah…I noticed that.”

“If only they knew…sometimes I wonder how things would be if they did know.” He looked away, watched the soldiers pass by, row by row; his eyes shrouded in a thoughtful haze.

“They would fight for you even more…which would be good as well as bad.”

“Indeed…I guess there’s a reason as to why things are kept a secret.” He turned towards you, locked his sky-blue eyes with yours and sent you a meaningful glance.

I know, you thought silently…a fraction of a second you allowed the thought to flash through your mind…and then you pushed it away again. You grabbed Ludwig’s fist, dragged him along and then said:

“Let’s go inspect this place. Where did you say we were staying?”
I'm back with the next chapter! I'm sorry that there is no real action. When I started writing this chapter this kind of popped into my mind. Because...well...I just love to write conversations between reader-chan and Luddy :p
Reader-chan has finally arrived at the battlefield...the end is creeping nearer and's not upon us yet ;)

Let me know what you think of this chapter. I really appreciate any kind of feedback and support :)

I don't own Hetalia. It belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
I don't own the picture. I found it on If you happen to know the owner, then please let me know so that I can credit him/her properly.
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